What Our Clients Are Saying

“It’s a must for those new to management or those preparing to enter the field. MAP’s overwhelming acceptance has made it the foundation of our management development.”

Corporate Director, Leadership Development
McLaren Health Care Corporation

“We have been using MAP since October 1996 to provide our team of managers, supervisors, and system educators with a springboard to succeed in their roles. Everyone who has completed the process is actively working to grow as management personnel. It has been a positive mediator of growth in the organization.”

Program Manager , Education
Promina, Southern Regional Health System

“MAP gave clear, immediate feedback and a benchmark for each participant. With their Individual Development Plans, participants know not only where they stand, but also where they need to move. From a training standpoint, the ease of implementation was a great benefit.”

Director of Executive and Management Development
Dunkin’ Donuts

“The MAP/EXCEL Program has given us a strong, research-based foundation upon which to build our Leadership Development Program. We have seen improvement in those who have worked through the MAP/Excel program.”

Manager of Leadership Development
KidsPeace National Centers

“We looked at other programs and decided MAP/Excel was what we were looking for because it was well grounded in research. MAP/Excel provides a way for managers to evaluate where they are, identify where they need to go and a means to get there.”

Training Director
Bermuda Hospitals Board

“MAP is a valuable tool with broad application and is results-oriented.”

Staff Director, Human Resources and Office Services
Federal Reserve Bank of New York